Hi, I’m Carrie,

I am currently a Grand Rapids-based Graphic Designer with a BFA from Kendall College of Art and Design. You can usually find me practicing yoga, learning new recipes, checking out a concert, or relaxing at a coffee shop. I genuinely enjoy the adventure of learning new ways to create and display my illustrations. 
My pursuit of graphic design is rooted in my desire to merge communication and creativity on a corporate and personal level. The quality design that I strive to produce allows our lives and businesses to be cleaner, simpler, and less confusing. My main focuses in the world of design are branding, advertising, and packaging. I enjoy when all three design types come into play. I have so much fun when it comes to refreshing concepts that have grown tired.
My process begins with the initial meeting between myself and the client. In this meeting, we’ll discuss the client's current design struggles, needs, and goals. After taking a considerable amount of time researching and understanding the company in question I look at what already is being done, and where the catching point is. Through much time and additional research, I create mood boards and rough drafts to show to the client. Lastly, I take those mood boards and sketches and use them to create the final illustrations. My favorite part of design work is the process of making something that started as a little thumbnail sketch turn into a big idea that has far-reaching impact for my client. 

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