Empath Press is a fictional greeting card company created as my senior thesis project’s theme, a revolution is a restoration.” These cards are meant to relate to those who are dealing with millennial burnout syndrome, which is a state of emotional, mental and physical exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. Some of the symptoms include being chronically fatigued, stressed, anxious, feeling let down by the world, loneliness, errand paralysis, avoidance of tasks, emotional exhaustion, information overload, and constantly comparing oneself to others. My research indicated millennials are considered to be the most stressed-out generation. 

The idea behind this project is that greeting cards and receiving tangible notes from loved ones is important, especially when one is feeling stressed out, anxious, or overworked. Receiving tangible notes from loved ones warms the heart and lets one know they are cared for, which is important when feeling stressed out, anxious, or overworked, and can feel very restorative to one’s spirit. These cards are not sympathy cards, they are empathy cards. The cards display illustrative metaphors which express some of the symptoms and feelings of burnout syndrome.
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