This integrated branding campaign is a redesign of the existing Miracle-Gro brand identity in order to align its values with what consumers today desire.  The focus is to make Miracle-Gro appeal to younger consumers that love plants as well as to make the brand more natural and organic, cohesive, organized, and sophisticated. The brand now has a W in order to show that sophistication and change. The campaign focuses on advertising through a consumer publication, website, and in-store experience. 
Brand Positioning Statement: 
For gardeners and plant enthusiasts, Miracle Grow is a fertilizer and gardening company that helps grow healthy and beautiful lawns and gardens. Unlike other gardening companies, Miracle Grow provides familiarity and dependability.      
* Gold Student ADDY Award  2020 - West Michigan Advertising Federation 
*Judges' Choice Student ADDY Award  2020 - West Michigan Advertising Federation
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